What is it

Antioxidants role in skin health

Help to stimulate fibroblast synthesis of collagen and elastin that causes flattening of wrinkles and increase the density, firmness and elasticity of the skin. Allow the repair and the accumulation of collagen and elastin fibers destroyed UV radiation, the stimulation of callus and the damaged epidermis reconstruction. Enhance immunity, stimulate the skin healing process, improve dry skin and lipid management of oily skin. In depegmintazione processes, prevent the loss of skin color patches.

Beneficial effects on skin condition

The biomarkers in our skin inform us about its condition. The biological impact of these parameters includes ageing processes i.e. wrinkles and furrows, dryness, face telangiectasia, appearance of growths and flexibility loss. Inside the dermis, microcirculation is impaired, the creation of new vessels is disturbed and flexible fibres are destroyed. Esthechoc is a breakthrough in skin biomarker management. On the basis of long-term examinations of a total number of 104 persons, aged 45 to 70, it was noticed that chocolate containing strong health-advantageous substances (astaxantina ed epicatechina) significantly improves skin biomarkers.

Specifically, it increases oxygen saturation of tissues by 59%*, improves oxygen transport in plasma by 85%*, reduces oxidative damage in mimicked inflammatory conditions by 72%*. The research proved that both biochemical and metabolic conditions of blood and skin were improved. Better skin nourishment was noticed thanks to microcirculation improvement and higher saturation with oxygen. Skin detoxification processes and protection against free radicals were also intensified. This effect was noticed after 4 weeks of using Esthechoc.

10 years of research

During the past few years the interest in oxidative processes (one of main causes of ageing) has been growing. Dopo 10 anni di approfondite ricerche, gli scienziati della Cambridge Chocolate Technologies hanno sviluppato il primo cioccolato al mondo per proteggere la pelle dai danni ossidativi e quindi fermare il processo di invecchiamento dall'interno. After 10 years of extensive research, scientists at Cambridge Chocolate Technologies have developed the world’s first chocolate to protect skin against oxidative damage and therefore halt the ageing process from within. Creator Dr Ivan Petyaev, a former researcher at Cambridge University, and founder of biotech firm Lycotec, said: “We’re using the same antioxidant that keeps goldfish gold and flamingos pink.” “7.5g of this product has the same amount of the antioxidant astaxanthin as 300g of wild salmon as well as cocoa flavanols equivalent to 100g of normal dark chocolate. The scientists behind the product, which is based on 70 percent Cocoa dark chocolate, have likewise shown that Esthechoc has superior efficacy compared with existing leading dark chocolates and food supplement products.”

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Healthy skin and no wrinkles thanks to chocolate goodness